Something to Ponder

Over the past years the State of California funded adult school programs based on ADA (Average Daily Attendance).  One unit of ADA is awarded for every 525 hours of attendance, and is equivalent to over $2600.  In 2007/08 our ADA was almost 1400 (or approximately 3.5 million dollars).  These funds support adult ed programs.  So you can see where reported attendance is important. 

For budget reasons the state of California will, over the next 3 years, award adult schools ADA based on 07/08 reported ADA.  As a result, some schools may decide not to track ADA.  This practice could have negative repurcussions IF the state decides to go back to funding based on ADA during those 3 years.

Some think that the writing’s on the wall and that it would not be in the state’s interest to go back to ADA and that the implication is that the state will simply discontinue funding Adult Ed.  This writer feels that it takes more than administrators and teachers asking the state to save our “jobs”.  This writer feels that the students play a vital role in pleading with the state to maintain programs that have enriched their lives at many levels (personal, family, and economical).  This writer invites students to not only make a presence at the upcoming Board Meeting but also to contact their state legislature to save Adult Education. 

(This blog will be updated with a link to contact your legislators)


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