Meeting Notes 8/17/09


Lisa Raffel, Catholic Charities of the East Bay (CCEB)

Lilly Clausen, West Contra Costa Adult Education (WCCAE)

Ken Ryan, WCCAE, CCEB, Contra Costa College (CCC)

Kristen Pursley, WCCAE

LaTressa Alford, Office of Congressman George Miller

 School Board Meeting 08/10/09

Antonio Medrano of the West Contra Costa Board of Education emailed Kristen to say that there is nothing affecting the status of adult education on the agenda for this meeting.  The group agreed that a few members would attend the meeting on the 19, but we will not try to get a big group there or ask community partners to come and speak for us.  Kristen will call Mayor McLaughlin’s office to tell the mayor, who had already promised to come to the meeting and speak in support of adult education, that it would not be necessary for her to attend the meeting, though we may ask for her support at another time.  Lisa will tell Solomon Belette of Catholic Charities that it will not be necessary for him to attend.

 Conversation with LaTressa Alford

 Latressa cannot usually attend meetings (this was her first one), but she follows the activities of COSAS via the emails we send about our meetings.


 She had suggestions about grant moneys we could look into, as follows:

 Kaiser Corporation Grants (Lilly Clausen knows Yvette at Kaiser Corporation)

 Appropriation Money (for the family literacy program at Verde) — This money is available once a year, usually in February.  Applicants need to show partnerships.  The lead might need to be an organization other than the district.  You have to find an agency with leftover money that has to go back to the government if not used. A one page application is available in February. 

 We could get a letter of support from Congressman Miller to support a grant application.


LaTressa does immigration for Congressman Miller’s office.  Once Terry Kelly-Farias’ replacement at Congressman Miller’s office is trained, he will also do immigration also. 

 We can refer the following types of immigration cases to Congressman Miller’s office:

  •  Incarceration cases, especially if the family has no contact with the person in custody 
  • Kids who didn’t know they were here out of status 
  • Citizenship issues 
  • VAWA cases (family violence)





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