Summit Ideas


Some Ideas – for discussion at the January 11 COSAS meeting

These ideas fall into two categories:  focus of the conference and activities.  Obviously the focus will determine the activities.  The following are some ideas that have come up informally as areas of focus for the summit.  Please think of other areas you may want to add.

Possible Focus:

  • Explaining to participants what adult education does and why it is important, and coming up with ideas to keep its doors open
  • Coming up with ideas about how adult school, the community college, local governments and community   based organizations can most efficiently work together to serve the population of West County
  • Advocating for public education and against privatization of education


Possible Activities:

These are various activities that have been discussed. This is not  a suggested program, though the activities are arranged more or less in the order they would probably occur in a program, to make the construction of an actual program easier. Again, please think of any other activities you may want to add.

  • Ambience:  A video running as people come in, displays of student work, a quilt-type exhibit of different adult ed programs (could be paper with photos, etc.), students and staff from different departments manning tables where they can talk about their programs, etc.
  • Registration of guests (may include delicious snacks, time for informal chat and networking) (1/2 hour? 8:30 to 9:00 with conference to begin at 9:00 am?)
  • Seating guests by affinity? By deliberately mixed affinity? Random?
  • An introductory power point about the various adult education programs and how they have been affected by the cuts
  • Testimony from students, teachers, and community partners
  • A brief explanation, aimed at state legislators, about why adult education and the community colleges are different and why both are important
  • Request for commitments from elected officials (they could leave after this)
  • Presentation by some organizers of the March 4 Save Public Education event, possibly from Berkeley City College
  • Brainstorming in groups and report back
  • Prepare a statement for the Board of Education (and others?)
  • Should we take a break ½ way through, presumably with more delicious snacks, etc? If so, when?

3 Responses


    This sounds like a wonderful event — I wish I could be there (but we will be having a board retreat).

    Please consider creating a business plan as well as contacting other adult schools in the area — Albany, Mt. Diablo, John Swett, Oakland, etc. to see what they are doing.

    There is also the possibility of continuing to try to change Adult Ed’s Tier III status with legislation — and Nancy Skinner and Loni Hancock should be approached to do so. Adult Ed “Leg Day” is in March and we can all coordinate with CCAE (contact CCAE chair Joanne Durkee of Mt. Diablo — about having students visit legislators who are not currently supportive.

    Chris Nelson from Oakland is the Bay Section President — and should be invited.

    Please keep me in the loop (note that the State Board from CCAE is meeting in San Francisco on January 30) — you might want to let them know you are meeting also.

    Thanks for all you are doing.

    Madeline Kronenberg
    Hayward Adult School Teacher
    WCCUSD School Board President

  2. One more thing — I also created a blogspot last year: that has many links you might want to consider checking out.

    Best wishes,

    Madeline Kronenberg

  3. I think persuading the change in legislation of the Tier III status is a good one. It is seems it is really the only way to “protect” adult ed monies.

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