Erica’s Story

CCEB Family Literacy Program/WCC Adult Education

2000 Giaramita St

Richmond Ca. 94801



Erica’s Story



          “I heard about the program about 7 years ago. I was working at the time and I could not attend the classes but soon after I stopped working and decided to enroll in the ESL Classes and enroll my first son who was 4 at the time in the Children’s Early Learning Center. Through the program and the Parenting and PCILA (parent/child interactive literacy activity) workshops I have learned how to interact and treat my children with respect. Unfortunately in my country there isn’t all this information out there. Here, I’ve had the opportunity to learn through the workshops about how to be a better parent. This information has helped me to better my relationship and communication with my husband. I share with him all the information I get about how to help our children’s growth and education. My husband works a lot and has very little time to spend with the children so all the information I receive I share with him. I’ve seen the difference in his interaction with the children; he takes the time to look at their work, admire their activities and gives them words of encouragement and praise.

           The English classes have helped me to socialize with other people with similar needs; it’s good to know that I am not alone I feel very supported by all the staff. I feel more confident now when I help my son (who is now in 3rd grade)-with his homework. I see the difference in my second son who has grown in the children’s center, his development has been more visual and outstanding than that of my first son, I was able to support his growth and education because I had acquire more experience in the program. Also when my husband needs to fill in forms or applications I am the one who helps him. Even my sister calls me to ask what a certain word means or how to say certain words. I am very happy with my progress. I’m currently taking a workshop in Early Childhood because I want to learn more about children’s development.

            Through the Family Literacy program not only have I learned and grown but my children and family have benefited also.  It’s not just the English classes, English classes can be taken at other places but there is no other program like this one where the focus is to empower the whole family by providing a variety of themes to inform, educate and strengthen the whole family. This program changes the mentality of the parents to become more active and supportive of their children’s education.”  

Thank you, Erica.


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