Join the Fight to Save Public Education

Please invite everyone you know to participate in organizing against the state budget cuts to education. Regardless of whether you are still a student or if you work directly in education, we are all impacted by these cuts. Education touches everyone. And only everyone together will be able to wage a struggle with the chance to stop this. I think we have the chance of developing a mass social movement against all of the cutbacks and layoffs and evictions, and the fight against education could be the catalyst. It’s our decisions and participation that will be the deciding factor.

Our starting point, a very small first step, is a MASS RALLY against the cuts to education which many people have been helping organize for March 4th in San Francisco at Civic Center at 5pm. (Follow the link at the bottom for more info.) Though we have the official support of many teachers unions and staff unions, who’ve gotten the permit, paid for the sound, and other things, the reality is, these official channels are weak when it comes to on the ground organizing. What organizes people is not emails nor endorsements but people. We need more people who want to get involved with this effort to join us. No single rally will put a stop to these budget cuts. But the purpose of the rally is to bring people together to begin to see our power, to fight off our individual isolation, and to energize ourselves to work harder and do more organizing and more outreach to broaden and deepen our struggle.

If you would like to be participate in this effort, please contact:

I urge you to participate.
Thanks. Take Care.

–Marc Lispi–

Mass Rally Against the Cuts to Education
March 4th 5pm San Francisco Civic Center
http://www.againstcuts. org


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