Miriam’s Story

CCEB Family Literacy Program/WCC Adult Education

2000 Giaramita St

Richmond Ca. 94801


Miriam’s Story

Miriam entered the Family Literacy program about 2 years ago. She made the decision to join the program because she wanted to learn English. She had heard that the Family Literacy program offered free childcare and that gave her the incentive to enroll in the ESL classes and have her daughter next door in the Children’s Early Learning Center.

We asked Miriam to share with us some of her outcomes of being enrolled in the program. This is what she shared:

“Thanks to the program I’ve learned English enough to get a better paying job at Ross store. I started working as a recovery person, I’ve kept attending the ESL classes to better my English and now I’m a Front Area Supervisor at the store. The Parenting and PCILA (parent/child interactive learning activities) Workshops have helped me learn more about how to be a better parent and to understand my children’s growth development. I use to demand too much from my children, now I’m more understanding of their needs and we have better communication. Having my youngest child enrolled in the Children’s Early Learning Center has helped her and me to prepare her for Kindergarten; I can see the difference from my other children who never had the experience and exposure to a program like this one. I’m grateful that I can talk to Marta Escobar about concerns and specific educational needs that arise and she responds with suggestions and ideas of how I can help them at home- it helps me a lot.

I love volunteering in the Children’s Center; it’s a chance for me to practice what I learn in the workshops, I never had that experience before. I love the children’s reactions when I read to them, my daughter always tells me after I have read a story that I was her teacher and she wants me to read to her every day. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me as a parent. I’ve gotten help and support for my children, I know that they will have a better future because of it and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything.”


Miriam and Daniela at PCIL


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