The Hayward Plan

At the Adult Education Sustainability Summit which was held in Hayward on Saturday, February 20, Hayward Adult School Prinicpal Ana Solomon explained the Hayward Plan, also known as the Hayward Hybrid Plan.  The following outline is from my notes.  I did not catch everything, but I tried to get the main points:

The Hayard Hybrid Model:


  • Partnership with the school district
  • Business Plan
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration with Staff and Students

Elements of the Hayward Adult School Business Plan

  • In partnership with the district, Hayward Adult has worked out a planned incremental reduction over the next three years, so that the district will not take all of the adult education money at once and the adult school can plan for the reductions
  • Hayward Adult has hired a grant writing team
  • They are charging fees for classes that were formerly mandated to be free
  • To offset the hardship of the fees for low-income students, they are creating local scholarship grants and are looking into creating a foundation fund
  • They have closed low-enrollment classes
  • They have had to close their free community computer lab
  • They are working to increase employer-paid trainings, displaced worker trainings and agency contracts
  • They are establishing social enterpreneurial pathways
  • They are analyzing the allocation of their resources
  • They are renting their facilities out and marketing the rentals
  • They are building and supporting career pathways

I know I missed some things, so if other people who were there would make additions by way of comments to this post, I would greatly appreciate it.


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