Communities Organized to Save Adult School Fundraising Meeting 03/02/10

Present: Father Ramiro Flores of St. Mark Catholic Church, Solomon Belette of Catholic Charities of the East Bay, Lillie Clausen of the High School Diploma Program West Contra Costa Adult Education (WCCAE), Christina Tworek, Citizenship Teacher WCCAE, Ken Ryan, Parent Education Outreach Teacher, WCCAE, Adam Kruggel, CCISCO, Richard Boyd, CCISCO, Kristen Pursley, ESL Lead Teacher WCCAE

Funders’ Forum

There was a discussion about why we should have a funders’ forum instead of going to funders individually. The purpose of the forum would be to explain the situation of adult education to funders.

Ideas for funders to invite:

California Endowment, 21st Century, East Bay Foundation, Mechanics Bank, United Way

Adam Kruggel pointed out that Sal Vaca is raising a lot of money and we need to include him.

Possible Conveners of the forum:

Northern California Grantmakers, East Bay Foundation

Immigration Issues:

We need to build a broader coalition around the contributions of immigrants that would include the adult school, community based organizations, community colleges and CCISCO. This coalition would be aligned with efforts to affect immigration reform.

Funders and the district:

Funders can put conditions on the district, demanding that they match funds for adult education, guarantee that funds raised will be dedicated to adult education, etc.


Lillie Clausen’s report regarding meeting with Contra Costa College:

Contra Costa College will not be able to take over adult education classes or create a GED program.  So if  adult education’s GED program is gutted, there will be no GED program in West Contra Costa County.

Action Items:

Kristen Pursley will continue to work on the letter to funders, incorporating the group’s suggestions for changes.  She will also get a copy of the report Adult Education Principal Raul Ramirez is preparing on the state of adult education and the effects of the cuts.  She will also work on an addendum to the letter, which will provide a snapshot of who benefits from adult education and the impact of the cuts.

Lillie Clausen will draft a report regarding her meeting with Contra Costa College staff.

Adam Kruggel will draft a letter to Board of Education members Tony Thurmond and Madeline Kronenberg reminding them of their promises to support adult education at a CCISCO event in September.  He will also bring up the subject of funding for adult education at an upcoming meeting with Diane Aranda of the California Endowment.  He will also work with Father Ramiro to engage broader membership.  He pointed out that we must stress to funders that cuts to adult education will affect much of the other work funders hope to do in the West County area.

Solomon Belette will contact Heather Kulp of Chevron, the East Bay Foundation, and Barb Johnson of Congressman George Miller’s office.


2 Responses

  1. go, Kristen

  2. Very impressive. Power on and I will see how I can contribute.

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