March 4 Day of Action

Adult education had very little representation at both the March 4 Day of Action rally in San Francisco and the early morning action where West County teachers stood at the intersections of Sycamore and San Pablo in Hercules and Central and San Pablo in El Cerrito.  This was understandable, since adult education had to make a big showing at the West County Board of Education meeting the night before.  The Hercules early morning action was small but spirited. Perhaps 25 teachers were standing in small groups at each corner of the intersection, waving and holding signs.  Teachers who saw my adult education sign were very friendly and sympathetic, and offered their support.  They were aware of what is happening to adult education and did not approve.  This is significant, given the divide-and-conquer rhetoric we hear from the district, which justifies the decimation of adult education by arguing that they have to do this to save K-12. Many rank and file teachers don’t seem to be buying it.

Two of us met up at the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station to go to the rally in San Francisco at 5:00 pm. This was a big, peaceful rally that filled the San Francisco Civic Center.  The crowd was mostly young and full of energy.  There was a large group on the steps of City Hall continuously chanting and dancing.  Richmond Progressive Alliance was there with a colorful banner showing the Chevron plant converted to windmills, which everyone wanted to photograph.  The signs people carried were notably home-made from old cardboard or butcher paper.  This is clearly a grass-roots movement without much funding.

After the speeches, a group called The Tired, Angry Teachers rocked the house with songs like “Cuts Hurt” and “I Can’t Get No State Reaction”.  Everybody went crazy dancing. Everyone there said this is just the beginning, so there is time for adult education to join in and have a bigger presence. Photos to follow.


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  1. Thank you for the report and I am sorry that I did not feel that I could participate. For your information, as I drove to work that morning, there was a group of participants at Cutting and San Pablo. It was a small group of about 10 people when I saw it, but they were clearly visible to the heavy traffic which uses that freeway entrance to get to work. Power on!

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