Communities Organized to Save Adult School Meeting 03/08/10

Present:  Inocencia Dacumos, WCCAE ESL; Jan Duckart, WCCAE Older Adult Program; Pat Miles, WCCAE ESL; Kristen Pursley, WCCAE ESL;Roberto Reyes, Contra Costa Central Labor Council and United Way, Ken Ryan WCCAE Parent Education, Suzanne Skrivanich,WCCAE ESL

Older Adult Program

Senior Centers may close due to cuts to adult education, because the directors will retire if their positions with adult education are eliminated.  Centers that would close include the Richmond senior center at the Presbyterian Church and the Kensington Senior Center, perhaps others. Jan Duckart pointed out that there are 7,ooo seniors in El Cerrito alone.  A patron of one of the senior centers in El Cerrito recently told Ms. Duckart, speaking of the senior center,that “This is the only place I belong anymore”.  This woman was in her 90s, and all of her friends and family were dead.

The senior centers are open year round, and they need to be.  Last year, when the adult school suddenly announced that there would be no summer classes, they were left scrambling to find funding to keep the program open during the summer with only a few weeks left to find the funding. If the Older Adult program is to be cut, teachers need to be informed in time to look for other funding.

Ms. Duckart also pointed out that the Older Adult teachers are already retired themselves and do not contribute to STIRS. However, when the district estimates the cost of the Older Adult program, they add 23% to the teachers’ hourly rate for “overhead”. The adult school doesn’t pay rent on any of the senior center facilities, and the teachers are not paying into retirement and do not receive health benefits, so the Older Adult teachers wonder what this 23% represents.

Preparation for Meeting with Congressman Miller’s Aide

The group prepared questions for the upcoming meeting with Congressman George Miller’s aide, LaTressa Alford.  The group decided to invite Congressman Miller to visit one of our senior centers, and possibly one of the sheltered work programs for adults with disabilities.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place Monday, March 15 at 2:30 pm at Serra Adult School, 6028 Ralston Ave., Richmond in room 8. 



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