Devastating Cuts to Oakland Adult Education Planned

 Oakland plans to cut all adult education classes except for a small High School Diploma program.  This means they would not even have English as a Second Language classes.  All adult education centers in Oakland will close if this plan goes into effect. Read more about it here.


3 Responses

  1. from the “Comments” to this article:

    [Jack Gerson, a high school math teacher, told the board,] ‘The government policy has been to recapitalize the banks at the expense of education and all social services…Furthermore, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and the other major banks are now using a new federal market credit to both invest in charter schools, profit from those investments, and take tax credits for investing. We must act to make the banks repay their loans and use all the repaid money for the schools.’

    There is an alternative to these endless, destructive cuts and teachers are now actively talking about them, seeing no other choice. After hearing the unacceptable trade-off where either one vital part of education or another, ECE or AE, is to be sacrificed and played off against the other, the OEA Rep Council overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling for massive campaigns directed at the banks and the federal bail-out by our State union, CTA, and our national union, the NEA. The motion calls for building a coalition with community, enviromental and social service organizations to make this a national issue. The theme: “Bail Out Schools and Communities, Not Banks and Bankers.”

    Bob Mandel, Adult Ed ESL Teacher

  2. Thank you for your strong comment Bob. I am with you all the way. If you need a marcher I am in and can round up a few more……………………….We need strong voices…………for democracy!! We, the people, have been exploited for too long!

    Jan Migs, Adult Ed, NIAD

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