Communities Organized to Support Adult School (COSAS) October 11, 2010 Meeting Notes

Present:  Karsa Miles, CCISCO Volunteer Pat Miles West Contra Costa Adult Education (WCCAE) English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher, Kristen  Pursley, WCCAE ESL teacher, Tina Tworek, WCCAE Citizenship teacher

Candidates’ Night for Board of Education Candidates at St. Mark Catholic Church

RSVPS: Five of the six candidates have affirmed that they will attend. 

Outreach:  Pat Miles will design a flyer.  COSAS members will visit all the ESL classes to promote the event. Tina Tworek will visit the ESL morning class at St. Marks’.  Other classes will be assigned later.  We will begin class visits when we have a flyer.  Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organizing (CCISCO) has offered to help with outreach, and Karsa Miles will talk to Adam Kruggel of CCISCO when they meet on Wednesday and ask what CCISCO can do.  We should do outreach to the senior housing facility on 4th and McDonald. 

Moderator:   Karsa Miles will ask Adam Kruggel if he knows someone who might be able to moderate.  Kristen Pursley will ask the Concilio Latino if they can recommend a moderator when she attends their meeting on Friday. Kristen is still trying to find out if the League of Women Voters will be able to provide a format and timer.

Translation:  We have a Spanish translator.  We brainstormed some other languages we might want to find translators for: Chinese, Lao and Mien, perhaps others. 

Food:  We discussed whether or not to have food, and decided that food would be a plus.  The food would need to be donated or purchased with donated money.  We will look into asking some restaurants for donations, or maybe all just chip in to buy food. 

Set Up/Clean Up:  We will need a volunteer set up and clean up crew.  We will see if we can get some student volunteers and others.

Student Involvement:  Classes should begin thinking up questions for the candidates.  Even students who won’t be able to come to the candidate’s night will be able to contribute questions.

Parcel Tax (Measure M)

COSAS members continue to work on Measure M.  Kristen went precinct walking in Pinole on October 2 and phone banked on October 6.  Response from the public has been mostly positive, in her experience.

Other Outreach

Pat Miles and Angella Seesaran have been working on a flyer or brochure that would explain the importance of adult education to the community.  Pat showed some of their preliminary designs. 

COSAS may have a website soon!  Pat Miles is working on setting one up.


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