Communities Organized to Support Adult School (COSAS) Meeting Notes January 3, 2011

Present:  Kathleen Good, West Contra Costa Adult Education (WCCAE) ESL teacher, Pat Miles, WCCAE ESL teacher, Kristen Pursley, WCCAE ESL teacher, Ken Ryan, WCCAE parent outreach teacher

Board of Education meeting January 5

The group reviewed the agenda for the meeting. There is nothing specific about adult education or the budget on the agenda, so those who wish to speak about adult education will need to sign up to speak during the general comments period.   Several teachers and students are planning to attend the meeting and speak so as to have a presence and stay informed about what the board is doing.

Rehearsing Short Speeches:

One member of the group brought a short prepared speech and rehearsed it for the group.  Afterwards the group critiqued the speech and performance.  The group agreed that there should be time allotted for rehearsing short speeches on every agenda, so that COSAS members can improve their public speaking skills and hone their arguments.

Supporting B-BAEC at Oakland City Council Meeting

B-BAEC, the organization that is working to restore Oakland’s adult education program, will make a presentation to the Oakland City Council on Tuesday, January 18,  and  they would like some support from COSAS.  We need to get a time and the address where the meeting will be held. Kristen Pursley will email Marilyn Noble to get more details and share the information with the group.


The brochure is still a work in progress.  The group agreed to do some research to find language from  the  California adult education charter or the laws establishing adult education in California to include in the brochure.

Statement of Support from United Teachers of Richmond

COSAS would like a statement of support from United Teachers of Richmond.  Kathleen Good will talk to UTR about this

Student Involvement

The group discussed a suggestion by Lisa Raffel of Catholic Charities of the East Bay that COSAS hold one big meeting for students to increase student involvement.  Lisa envisioned a group comprising a leader from every class.  There was discussion about how to deal with the language barrier between students.  One possibility would be to recruit students who are intermediate or above English speakers so they can all communicate in English.  Another possibility would be to recruit a group of student leaders who could meet over a period of time to plan a very inclusive event for all students.  At the large event, students could form groups to work in the ways that are most comfortable for them.  The large meeting should probably take place on a Saturday, possibly at English Action Center in the afternoon, so that students in the morning Citizenship class can stay for the event.  COSAS will try to provide babysitting and lunch for the event.  There will be further discussion of this plan at the next COSAS meeting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is a pot luck which will begin at 6:30 PM and end at 8:30 PM.  It will be held at English Action Center, 2369 Barrett Ave., Richmond, in the last office on the left, upstairs.


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