Communities Organized to Support Adult School Meeting Notes January 24


Notes by Kimi Honda

Attendance:  Kristen Pursley, Ken Ryan, Pat Miles, Inocencia Dacumos, Kimi Honda

B-BAEC (Adult Ed. Teachers of Oakland) attended the Oakland City Council meeting on Jan. 18.  Jessie Ortiz (Immigrant Education) told Janet that there is a proposal to ask the State to forgive Oakland School District’s debt. Proposal could help WCCSD who could also apply for debt forgiveness. 

Jan. 19th, at the School Board Meeting, it was announced that Gov. Brown to extend the Funding Flexibility.  Ken says Adult Ed is only 1% of the total school budget. 

Letter Writing Campaign was agreed upon.  Kristen will provide names and addresses of legislators, Gov. Brown and other influential people.  Mayor Janet Abelson of El Cerrito wrote a letter of support last year .  CATESOL (Calif. Teachers of English Speakers of Other Languages) which is statewide, CCAE, Grey Panthers, United Teachers of Richmond, and other local and statewide organizations’ support are  needed.  Local City Councils all support adult education. 

The letter of support for the West Co. Senior Coalition and the City of Richmond Comm. on Aging and the letter to request that adult education be removed from Tier 111 Flexibility Funding and provided with a protected funding source were reviewed.  Both were well written by Kristen and should be used as reference and for basic information.

Maria Alegria, delegate to the Democratic Party and Faithwork proposed a Calif. Democratic Party Resolution in Support of Adult Education which was reviewed.

WCCUSD Community Budget Meeting Schedule from 6:30pm to 8pm:

1/24/2011:  Helms Middle School, 2500 Road 20, San Pablo

1/26/2011:  Hercules Middle High School, 1900 Refugio Valley Rd., Hercules

1/27/2011:  Kennedy High School, 4300 Cutting Blvd, Richmond

Citizens Budget Advisory Committee and the community will review, share ideas and suggestions about the worsening financial condition of the district.  Adult Ed. Teachers are encouraged to attend.

I had to leave at 5pm so more may have transpired after 5pm



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