Protect Federal Funding for Adult Education

Protect Adult Education Funding for FY2011

Take Action!

As you know, for the last six months, Congress has been debating a final budget for fiscal year 2011. Currently the government is being funded by a Continuing Resolution (CR) that will expire at midnight tonight, April 8th, unless an agreement is reached by the House and Senate.

Yesterday the House passed a week-long CR until April 15th to keep the government funded and running until a longer term agreement can be reached. Within this CR, a $30 million reduction to Adult Education State Grants was included. The Senate, however, has refused to take up this measure and President Obama issues a strongly worded statement declaring he would veto this bill if it reached his desk.

While it appears this measure will not pass the Senate or be signed by the President, we must send Congress a strong message as they work toward resolving the FY2011 budget that any proposed reduction to Adult Education State Grants under Title II of the Workforce Investment Act is unacceptable. Call or write your U.S. Representative and Senators today. Consider sending your message through NCL’s Facebook Take Action Page for greater impact.

Contact Jackie Taylor, NCL Advocacy Chair, with any feedback you hear from your legislators’ offices.


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