Oppose AB 18: Suggested Letter


 Dear State Senator…………………….:

 I (We) oppose AB 18 because it would eliminate Adult Education as a specific program meeting the education needs of adults and out-of-school youth pursuing diplomas and employment training. Our program is important because………here describe your program and why it is valuable.

 Some suggested topics: Number of students served, number gaining high school diplomas or passing GEDs, number earning career training certification, and other items unique to your program. Describe what happens if Adult Education is eliminated in your community.

 Our opposition would be removed if Adult Education is exempted from  AB 18.


Recommendations on mailing letter and sending copies :

 Mail letters to members of the Senate Education Committee (see attachment). If one overlaps your Adult Education program, focus on that Senate Education committee member.

  • Address letters to: State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Also send copies to the following individuals:
    • Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, Chair, Latino Caucus
    • Assemblyman Warren Furutani, Chair, Asian-Pacific Islander Caucus
    • State Senator Curren Price, Chair, Black Caucus
    • State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torklason (different address: 1430 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814)

For information on senators, click on the link below:

Senator’s Info


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