AB 189 Has Become Law

As noted in previous posts, this law is a mixed bag.  It provides a small protection for adult education programs by requiring a school board or other governing body of a school to discuss elimination of adult education and other categorical programs at a previously announced public meeting which must be separate from the meeting at which a budget is adopted.  It also allows adult schools to charge for English as a Second Language and Citizenship classes, previously mandated to be offered free, until 2015.  Allowing schools to charge for these classes weakens the idea of public education in California, moving us ever further down the road towards complete privatization of the schools.  Immigrants have been hit hard by the economic crisis, and those who live in districts where schools decide to charge may find themselves priced out of English classes, even if the charges are modest.  Adult schools that charge for these classes don’t really make that much money on them, certainly not enough to keep them going if their school districts take all their state funding. It’s sad to see the state of California abandon its long held commitment to literacy.  At least the legislature upheld this commitment enough to put a sunset date on the permission to charge for these classes. We’ll see what happens in 2015.



AB 189 (Eng): Education

The final (chaptered) version of AB 189 (Eng) was
released on 10/08/11 (read

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