Hearing re: Governor’s Weighted Formula for Education Funding and Adult Education –CCAE Report

Good evening.


With the release of the Governor’s May revise proposal Monday, the Senate and Assembly have begun scheduling hearings to review the revised proposals.

In this regard, Senate Budget Sub#3 (Education) met this morning to hear from the Administration, Finance, the LAO and CDE about the Governor’s revisions to the Weighted Student Formula (WSF) and block mandates proposals. In addition to attendance by Senator Rod Wright and Chairwoman Carol Liu, the committee hearing hosted Senator Mark Leno – Chair of the Senate Budget Committee. Senator Leno had the opportunity to take a deeper dive in to the Governor’s proposals, ask questions and hear directly from stakeholders regarding the concerns with the proposals.


The public comment portion of the hearing was diverse in comments, but not as lengthy as has been characteristic of prior hearings – likely due to the expedited nature of scheduling the hearing post May Revise. Nevertheless, categorical interests made a strong showing with adult education receiving support from ACSA’s representative and the business community who also cited the need to protect other programs like apprenticeship as well.  CAEAA and CCAE were both represented through comments I provided to the Committee to continue to hammer on the devastation related to flex (current) and what would be cemented under the WSF.  Further, I noted the need to take a closer look at and have an in-depth discussion about what both have/would do to adult education and other adult-related programs for those students who would not otherwise have a seat in the classroom. This comment, in particular, was an effort to highlight and promote comments made by CDE about the need to consider the cuts to programs like adult education and the devastation flex has wreaked to date.


Additionally, the ever thought-provoking Senator Wright challenged the Administration, Finance and LAO about whether throwing money (at any level) guarantees success of a K-12 student. He argued that external familial and economic pressures often impact and are the driving factors in whether a child will do well in school versus having all the school resources possible. I suggested that many of these external factors can be addressed – at least in part, if not all – by adult education and the opportunity it provides those parents.


In closing, I echoed comments made by CDE about AB 18 as an alternative that gets to a lot of the similar goals and approaches of the Governor’s plan.

The difference, I noted, is that it acknowledges that adult education should be treated differently – similar to Preschool under the Governor’s WSF, which they’ve indicated would not be consolidated as “it is not a K-12 program.” How can the Administration suggest there is a justifiable difference between excluding preschool on these grounds, but not adult education?


Again, Chairwoman Liu was sympathetic and nodding her head through my comments. In a side bar conversation post-hearing, she indicated she does understand the desperate need to do something for adult education and offered a glimmer of hope into helping the field in some way as we move forward in the budget process. We will be attempting to capitalize on this opportunity and other potential angles we’re working as we move forward in the next couple of weeks.


Stay tuned for more information…



Dawn Koepke


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