West Contra Costa Board of Education Holds Public Hearing on Tier III Flexibility May 23

Supporters of adult education in West Contra Costa County need to come to the next Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, May 23 to make their voices heard at a public hearing on Tier III Flexibility.  The meeting will take place at LoVonya DeJean Middle School, 3400 Macdonald Ave., Richmond. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm; it’s best to arrive at about 6:00 pm in order to sign up to speak.

Tier III  is a funding category which includes adult education along with a variety of other programs which used to have separate funding which school districts were required to dedicate to those programs and no other purpose.  Tier III Flexibility was adopted as part of the State of California budget of 2009, as part of the response to the budget crisis which began that year.  Tier III Flexibility means districts can now divert these previously protected funds to any other purpose they choose until at least 2015.  It is not clear what will happen after that.  Tier III Flexibility has resulted in severe cuts to the funding for many adult schools, and the complete closing of some, including Oakland.  Currently the Los Angeles adult education system, which serves 300,000 students, is severely threatened.

West Contra Costa Board of Education members have made numerous promises this year that adult education in West County will be funded for the 2012-2013 school year at the same rate it was funded for the current year.  The 2012-13 budget projections do include monies for adult education.  However, the board has also notified the principal of adult education that she may be reassigned next year and not replaced.  The district is clearly positioning itself to make more cuts to adult education or to eliminate the program altogether in a “worst case scenario” situation in which, for example, the governor’s tax proposal and/or the Measure K parcel tax do not prevail at the ballot box in the upcoming elections.  

The public hearing is being held pursuant to a new California law (formerly AB 189) which requires that districts hold hearings prior to sweeping Tier III funds.  The purpose of this law was to give some small measure of protection to adult education programs by requiring that the district at least hold a separate public hearing before closing the programs and appropriating their funds.  This is the one chance the community will have to show  support for adult education and request that the board keep it alive before the board adopts its 2012-2013 budget.

Come to the meeting May 23rd and tell the board to keep adult education alive in West County!

You can view the agenda for the meeting at www.wccusd.net. You will find the Board of Education on the left hand side of the screen. Click on “agenda” to view the agenda.  The public hearing action item is on page 11; the action item number is F.3.  


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