Contact California State Legislators re Save Adult Education!

Join Communities Organized to Support Adult School (COSAS) in our summer campaign to save adult education.

Contact your California state legislators and Governor Jerry Brown by July 4 and tell them:

  • Save  adult education in California!
  • Remove  adult education from categorical flexibility!
  • Provide  a dedicated funding stream for adult education in California!

COSAS members, please let the elected officials know you are calling on behalf of COSAS.

You can find your state assemblyperson and senator here:

Why the Governor and state legislators?

Since the California budget deal of 2009 put adult education funding into the hands of local school districts, fights to save adult education have mostly taken place at the local level, and success or failure has been district by district. However, the problem originates on the state level, with the legislature’s decision to put adult education into categorical flexibilityCategorical  funding is funding dedicated to a particular purpose (like adult education).  Flexibility means these dedicated funds can be spent on other purposes.  By putting adult education into categorical flexibility, the California state legislature has put a 150 year old institution at grave risk.

Why now?

Adult education just temporarily dodged a bullet.  The governor’s weighted student formula (WSF) for education funding would have made categorical flexibility for adult education permanent, assuring that all adult education programs in California  will close.  The governor wanted to begin implementing the weighted student formula this budget cycle, but the budget that recently passed does not  include the WSF.  However,  the WSF will probably be on the table for the next budget cycle, so we need to  pressure the governor and the state legislature now.  Let them know that the people of California need adult education and are not going to stand by while it is destroyed.

Talking Points:

Here are some points to make in your letter, email or phone call; choose two or three.  Add your own points and experiences.

  • Adult education is crucial to California’s economic recovery because it offers affordable job training, high school diploma programs and GED programs at a very  low cost to the state.  Low income adults and high school dropouts have very few resources other than adult education to improve and advance their work skills.
  • Adult education offers English as a Second Language classes to immigrants who need English language skills to get a better job and participate fully in civic life in the United States.
  • Adult education is vital for the success of California’s school children, as numerous studies have shown that the literacy of a child’s parents, particularly the mother, is  one of the strongest indicators of a child’s school success.
  • Adult education provides  classes for adults with disabilities that help them succeed in the workplace and care for themselves. Without these classes, some of these adults would be unable to  support themselves and would need more costly services from the state.
  • Adult education classes  for older adults keep seniors active and giving back to the community at a  ery low cost to the state.  These classes help older adults stay independent longer, keeping them out of  nursing homes.

Thank you for your support.


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