Two Petitions in Support of Adult Education

There are now two on-line petitions in support of adult education circulating; both have over 1, 400 signatures at this point.

There are two petitions because efforts to save adult schools are going on all over that state, but due to the distance the various groups are not yet coordinating with each other.  So two petitions were started around the same time in two different places.

The two petitions are slightly different.  The “Rebuild Adult Education” petition specifically mentions some very endangered programs, such as adult school programs for Older Adults, and asks that they be maintained. It also requests a dedicated funding stream for adult education, which is extremely important.  The link for the “Rebuild Adult Education” petition is here:


The “Stop Governor Brown’s Plan” petition points out that the plan outlined in the Governor’s Budget Plan to reorganize adult schools under the community colleges would create barriers for some students, particularly ESL students and students in the adult school High School Diploma programs.  The link for the “Stop Governor Brown’s Plan” petition is here:


Since the two petitions are somewhat different, it makes sense for supporters of adult education to sign both.



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