Write California Senators Now!

This Thursday, April 11, the governor’s plan to reorganize adult schools under the community college will go before the California senate education budget committee.  A few weeks ago, the assembly education budget committee rejected the governor’s plan.  We need to urge the senate budget subcommittee to do the same.  The members of the subcommittee are as follows:

Senator Marty Block, chair: http://sd39.senate.ca.gov/send-e-mail  (if you live in Senator Block’s district)

or: Senator.Block@senate.ca.gov (if you live outside Senator Block’s district)

Senator Roderick D. Wright:  http://sd35.senate.ca.gov/contact (if you live in Senator Wright’s district)

or: Senator.Wright@senate.ca.gov (if you live outside the senator’s district).

Senator Mark Wyland:  senator.wyland@sen.ca.gov

Please write the senators and ask them to save and restore adult schools, keep adult schools with the K-12 system, and provide a dedicated funding stream for adult schools.


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  1. Seve adult education for berer life and averer job

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