Letter from A Parent Education Student

Dear Committee Chair Das Williams,

I have been a student in the adult school program at South Bay Adult School for three years so far. I have taken the parent education classes and have grown tremendously as a result of this experience.  I am better able to manage my days with my young children to be educational and fun. I am better at recognizing activities that help their development from those that just fill time. I have also learned better ways to correct negative behaviors instead of just punishing them, and I have seen a significant improvement since using these methods. I feel better prepared about the skills my kids and I will need to be successful in the future. The skills I have learned in these classes have improved my relationship with my toddlers and provided a rich network of parent students who help to reinforce these skills. I would not have been able to afford these life-changing opportunities without the state funding that the South Bay Adult School receives.

For these reasons, I am requesting that the California Assembly Higher Education Committee amend the SB 173 to include funding for Older Adult and Parent Education programs like the South Bay Adult School.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Ava Cato-Werhane


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