SB 173 — Contact the Higher Education Committee

The California Assembly Higher Education Committee will conduct a hearing on SB 173 on Tuesday, August 6th.  If SB 173 passes as written, it will eliminate funding for Older Adult and Parent Education programs. Members of Communities Organized to Support Adult School (COSAS) and other adult education advocates are asking that the bill be amended to maintain state funding for these programs.  It would be best to get letters and emails to the committee by Friday of this week, so that they can be incorporated into the analysis of the bill.  It is especially important for Older Adult and Parent Education students to contact the committee to explain why the programs are important to them, but teachers and community members should also weigh in.

Here are some contacts for the committee:

This first one comes from Karen Arthur of Alliance 4 California Adult Schools:

Hillary Blackerby (Senior Field Rep. for Das Williams).  She said to send info to her email and she’ll forward it to Tatum, Assemblyman William’s staff person in Sacramento who is in charge of providing him with information on education, particularly K-12.

Her email address is:

Das Williams is the chair of the committee.

We can write to the Committee as a whole through Karen Teel at:

JUST REMEMBER  TO PUT SB173 IN THE SUBJECT HEADER (that is “SB173 – AMEND!”) as well as in the text of the email proper.

Letters are, of course, the most effective. Here’s the address:

Assembly Higher Education Committee

1021 N Street, Room 173

Sacramento, CA 95814


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