Another Letter from a Parent Education Student

Assembly Higher Education Committee

1021 N Street, Room 173

Sacramento, CA 95814

RE: Amend SB173

Dear Committee Members:

I am writing to plead for you to amend SB173 so that funding to Parent Education Programs is not eliminated. I have been a Parent Ed student at the South Bay Adult School in Los Angeles County since the fall of 2010, and wish to continue until my youngest attends kindergarten in four years.

I cannot overstate what a difference this program has made in my life, and the life of my family. I am a stay-at-home mom, and, as such, feel that my “job” is to raise my children so that they are kind, productive, well-adjusted and happy members of society. SBAS Parent Ed has (and is) giving me the tools to do just that. We learn through discussions on parenting topics that range from everything to good nutrition and health to discipline to television watching. But what has taught me the most, and what is special about a program like this, is what I’ve learned by being in the classroom. The opportunity to observe the activities and how the teachers interact with the children is invaluable. Just today a fellow parent and I were talking about how our current teacher, Felice Greene, has a way with the children where she can command the attention of 20 three and four year olds (something I have trouble doing with my one) with a calm, nurturing voice and manner and how we would like to emulate that in our own homes. Yes, there are a couple of other cooperative preschools in the area, but none where the parents are as much the focus of learning as the children.

Because my family is on a limited income, I absolutely could not afford to attend the SBAS without the subsidies it receives, and I would probably be on my own in raising my children. Please do not allow this funding to disappear.


Jessie Kano


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