Another Letter from a Parent re Parent Education

Dear Committee Members,

This letter concerns SB173 and the Parent Education Program funding.  I am
a mother of a nearly four year old daughter who has attended the South Bay
Adult School (SBAS) program since she was one year old.  We live in
Redondo Beach, California, and her classrooms were located in both Hermosa
Beach and Manhattan Beach.  We just finished the year with Mrs. Carmel
Madonna at the Pacific School in Manhattan Beach, which was wonderful in every

We have enjoyed and benefited greatly from the Parent Education Program !
I have met amazing people, and my daughter has made many new friends, many of
whom will be life-time friends for us both.  These friendships are
invaluable to us !  The connection we have made stems greatly from my days
working in the classroom with the parents, teachers and children.  A real
bond forms in a co-ed situation like this one.  I am grateful for the
opportunity to be a part of the class.

Not only is my daughter learning life lessons, I am also learning new ways to
become a more effective mother.  The weekly lessons, tips, conversations,
and night meetings are wonderful and intimate.  The bonus of this all is
the low price we pay due to the generous funding from the State of California.
Other preschools in this area can be very expensive.  I believe I am
getting a great education for my daughter, equal to the other more expensive
preschools.  I understand from other parents that the SBAS is in demand in
this area.

I wrote this email as a caring attempt to keep the funding solid for the Parent
Education Program in the State of California.  Education is so very
important to the well-being of children and their futures as well as for
parents to better raise their children to become outstanding members of
society.  The low cost of the Parent Education Program helps families be
able to better provide for their children in every way.

Thank you for your consideration,

Margaret Thomas


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