“This Program Helps Families Treasure Each Other”: A Mother’s Letter about Parent Education

At a time when the Federal Government is talking about mandating pre-Kindergarten education, I am surprised and saddened to learn that the South Bay Adult School Parent Education program is in jeopardy. PLEASE do not let this rich, life-changing program go. I have taken three children through the program. These were our favorite years of growing up! I looked at many, many pre-schools and even briefly enrolled in one. Some may have had fancier facilities, but none even holds a candle to SBAS. There my kids learned about science and nature and numbers, letters, cooperation and
friendship. I learned what was “normal” and found strategies for helping my kids grow to be happy, well-adjusted and smart! The unique mix of teachers and parents allows this program to offer so much more to kids every day. Having so many adults allows for more projects and more help, it brings in various talents to share (one parent might help kids with cooking or nutrition, a parent who is a pilot may come in and share their expertise, another may get the kids excited about construction or writing.) This is a community in the truest sense of the word. Every family working to support each other and each others’ children. The kids are encouraged to explore and think – not sit and do
worksheets or memorize. I have recommended this program to countless friends and even practical strangers. Parenting is always a challenge and it is made so much easier in this supportive environment. Our family truly thrived here and I can’t say enough in support of this program. In a big city where people are constantly pushed and pulled apart, this program helps families to treasure each other. Please don’t let it go!!


Sandi Arthur


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