Sign the Petition to Request Protected Funding for Adult Schools

You can sign a petition to give K-12 adult schools  protected categorical funding within the new Local Control Funding Formula for K-12 education.  This would essentially return adult schools to the position they had before the  2008 budget “fix” that allowed school districts to repurpose adult school money for other needs (flexing).  The legislature has put it on record that it was never their intent to dismantle the adult school system, but the budget fix almost had that effect.  Many adult schools have closed, and those remaining have experienced drastic cuts.

Adult schools did more than their share to help K-12 schools through the crisis. Now, thanks to proposition 30, which adult school supporters worked hard to help pass, K-12 schools will be receiving more money which will help them rebuild their programs.  It’s time to rebuild adult schools, too.

Please sign the petition.  And look at some of the comments.  They make good reading.


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