Sample Letter re: Adult School Older Adult Programs

The sample letter in support of adult school Older Adult programs below can be used as a model for similar letters to California legislators.  It is specific to West Contra Costa County in the actual programs it mentions, but could be modified to suit other locales. It is addressed to Senator Carol Liu,Chair of the Senate Education Committee, and Assembly Member Das Williams, Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, because those two committees will hold a joint hearing regarding adult education on January 29.  Other suggested recipients would be Joan Buchanan, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee, and your own representatives for your area.

The letter follows:


Date: _______________________

Senator Carol Liu

Chair, Senate Education Committee

State Capitol, Room 5097

Sacramento, CA 95814


Assembly Member Das Williams

Chair, Assembly Committee on Higher Education

State Capitol, Room 3149

Sacramento, CA 94248-0037


Re:  January 29 Hearing on Adult Education: Older Adult Programs

Dear Legislators:

I am writing in support of state funding for adult school Older Adult programs. I am very concerned that the planning for the Regional Consortia delivery system for adult education excludes these programs, and that there is actually legislation pending, SB 173,  that would exclude Older Adult  programs from state education funding.  West Contra Costa County is home to six senior center programs run by the local adult school, West Contra Costa Adult Education.    These programs contribute to the vitality of the entire community by keeping seniors healthy, engaged, and giving back.  If adult school Older Adult programs were to be defunded by the state, these programs might well close down, which would be a devastating loss for our community.  Local governments, with their limited resources, would not be able to make up the difference.

The adult school run senior centers in our area provide older adults with intellectually and socially stimulating programs in a caring community, and as such they contribute to the vitality of our cities and county.  In addition to providing quality activities and social connection for seniors, the senior centers contribute to civic life in a number of ways. Health education through the senior centers keeps health costs down. Education regarding financial scams targeting seniors cuts down on law enforcement costs and preserves the financial health of families. The senior centers sponsor candidates’ forums and discussions of current events so that their students, who vote in high numbers, can make informed choices as voters. Through the senior centers, older adults learn about volunteer activities and receive support in their volunteer work.  The loss of the senior centers would not just be a loss for the seniors who use the centers; they would be a loss to the entire community.

Please maintain state support for these vital programs.






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