WIA Reauthorization Victory: No Consolidation of Titles I and II

According to the following article in the California Council for Adult Education (CCAE) Communicator, Titles I and II will not be consolidated in the final WIA reauthorization.  Thanks to everyone who contacted their legislators about this important issue.  Communicator article follows:

WIA Reauthorization—We All Won!

We have been informed by a good authority that THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CONSOLIDATION OF TITLES I, II in the final WIA reauthorization legislation so we are closing down the campaign to achieve that goal.

Please congratulate all of the people in your networks: staff, students, friends of adult education, etc. for their work. In a forty eight hour time span you were able to have a massive targeted impact on policy makers on an issue that was critical to the future of adult education in our country.

We don’t often have the opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment of this magnitude in the public policy field. Celebrate this one.

Thank you on behalf of the 1.8 million current adult education students and all those who will be in our classes in the future.


Larriann Torrez
CCAE State President


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