Six Family Literacy Centers in Los Angeles to Close

Six Family Literacy centers that provide preschool for young children and English, GED and Parent Education services to their parents are scheduled to close in June.  These centers serve primarily immigrant families, and the parents are trying to keep them open.  You can read a Spanish language article about the centers and their imminent closure here:

A summary of the article in English follows:

Thirty-five immigrant families in the San Fernando Valley are asking for help to avoid closure of the Family Literacy Center at West Valley Occupational Center. The center will have to close in June 2014 because the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and First 5 plan to cease providing funding to the center. Currently parents study for their GED, learn English and take child development and other parent education classes while their young children attend preschool. Now that the center is scheduled to close, parents are worried about the future of both their children’s and their own education.

The Family Literacy Program began in 2002 as a collaboration between LAUSD and First 5 to promote early childhood education accompanied by educational support for the parents. The results were better than expected, and because of its success the program was expanded from 14 to 19 centers. But later it was reduced to 12 centers, and then to the six that now are in operation. The current centers include the ones at Venice, Harbor, and South and East Los Angeles. The remaining 6 centers will close this June.

A spokesperson for First 5, Sharon Woodson Bryant, confirmed that First 5 will no longer support the program after June. She explained that First 5 is receiving less and less money from the tobacco tax, and that the program no longer qualifies for funds under the new eligibility rules. An LAUSD school board member, Steve Zimmer, said through a spokesperson that he didn’t know anything about the situation, but would find out more about it. The parents are writing letters that they will deliver to the school board.


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  1. adult education is very important for america. do everything to save it

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