URGENT: LA Family Literacy Centers Set to Close May 29

Please email the following people to ask that the centers be kept open.  John Deasy is the Superintendent of Schools for  LAUSD, others are school board members.

John Deasy; Monica Garcia; Tamar Galatzan; Steve Zimmer; Bennett Kayser; Monica Ratliff; Richard Vladovic; Sylvia Rousseau; Eric Garcetti; ana.guerrero@lacity.orgcouncilmember.wesson@lacity.org; Thomas Waldman; Gayle Pollard-Terry; Lauren Mendoza; Jim Chacon

To: Ms. Donna Brashear, Executive Director, Adult and Career Education, Los Angeles Unified School District..

I’m writing to ask your help in saving LAUSD’s Family Literacy Program. Time is running out. This highly esteemed program has been ordered to close its doors for good on Thursday, May 29.

As a program volunteer, I’ve been impressed and inspired by this effective and nationally renowned program, which has helped lift countless Los Angeles families out of illiteracy and poverty.

This is a program with a proven track record, a program that independent research has shown to be more successful than the district’s other preschools in building success for children who come from literacy-challenged households.

This program works. It changes lives. It is a jewel of public education that benefits all of us — not just the families who attend.

Millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on setting up the Family Literacy Program, testing it, refining it, perfecting it. Dedicated educators have worked steadfastly to make it a success.

And yet the school district is poised to dismantle it — without even considering the evidence of its effectiveness. This makes no sense and would be a tragic and foolish waste of taxpayer investment.

No serious effort has been made to engage philanthropists in extending the life of this esteemed program. And  if the program is dismantled as scheduled, no such effort can ever be made. This is an outrageous and unnecessary waste of public money. 

I urge you to extend the life of this program so that the Family Literacy Program can have a chance to become sustainable, and I pledge to help in any way I can to extend it into the future. This program deserves to be expanded, not exterminated.

With all best wishes,

Patricia E. Bauer




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