Urgent Call to Action re: SB 173


On TUESDAY, JUNE 10th in Sacramento, the

Assembly Higher Education Committee will VOTE on SB173

In spite of recent amendments, SB173 Still Cuts Funding for




You, your family, friends and colleagues MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!


CALL and/or EMAIL Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Carol Liu, Assembly Higher Education Committee Members and Chair Das Williams, other Senate and Assemblymembers, and supporters and tell them that you:   OPPOSE SB173 UNLESS AMENDED to INCLUDE OLDER ADULT EDUCATION and PARENT EDUCATION On the AB86 LIST OF APPROVED CLASSES ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING in the K-12 public school districts and community college districts, and INCLUDE paragraphs (1) to (9) in Sections 2 and 5:  Your legislators represent you and need to know of your concerns and preferences.  See Page 2 for names, phone numbers and emails.  Print Attachment to Distribute to Others.


It is TIME TO ACT NOW!!!!!


Thank you

Additional Talking Points:

  • The above position coincides with the City of Los Angeles RESOLUTION introduced by Councilmember Paul Koretz, passed unanimously by the L.A. City Council, and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti that states, “Support of SB173 IF AMENDED TO RESTORE…programs that are proposed to be eliminated (Older Adult Education, Parent Education, etc.)…and INCLUDE them on the AB86 List of Classes that are Eligible for Funding.”


  • Active Older Adults are taxpayers, voters, family caregivers, and a powerful volunteer workforce who should not be eliminated from educational benefits that they fought and pay for and the rest of society receives.  They helped pass AB189 and Prop 30 to Save ALL Adult Education Programs and provide new funding for education.


  • Senior Citizens and Parents jointly raise their children and grandchildren while providing for their Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Generational Families so they can succeed and thrive.  Many are immigrants living in low income communities with limited resources and cannot afford FEE BASED CLASSES which would cost individuals approximately $500.00-$600.00 per class per semester, nor can they depend on uncertain Alternative Funding Sources.


Copy and paste below message into each email: Senate Bill SB173 needs to be amended to INCLUDE OLDER ADULT EDUCATION and PARENT EDUCATION on the AB86 LIST OF APPROVED CLASSES ELIGIBLE FOR FUNDING in the K-12 public school districts and community college districts, and INCLUDE paragraphs (1) to (9) in Sections 2 and 5.


Please CALL and/or EMAIL FIRST Governor Brown, Carol Liu, and the Higher Education Committee Chair and members since they will be voting on SB173 Tuesday, June 10th.  For additional support, contact other legislators on list as well as your own State Senator and Assembly persons.


Thank you


Governor Jerry Brown (916) 445-2841 Cathy McBride, Deputy Legislative Secretary (916) 445-4341, Fax (916) 558-3160 AUTHOR OF SB173 Senator Carol Liu senator.liu@sen.ca.gov    (818) 409-0400 Ed Honowitz, Education Policy Advisor Ed.honowitz@sen.ca.gov

(916) 651-4025 Suzanne Reed, Chief of Staff Suzanne.reed@sen.ca.gov  (916) 651-4105 Kathleen Chavira, Principal Consultant ASSEMBLY HIGHER EDUCATION COMMITTEE CHAIR (805) 641-3700 (805) 564-1649 Das Williams, Chair Assemblymember.Williams@assembly.ca.gov (916) 319-3960 Jeanice Warden-Washington, Principal Consultant jeanice.warden@asm.ca.gov  ASSEMBLY HIGHER EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEMBERS (661) 286-1565 Scott Wilk Assemblymember.Wilk@assembly.ca.gov   (619) 531-7913 Shirley N. Weber assemblymember.weber@assembly.ca.gov    (714) 526-7278 Sharon Quirk-Silva Assemblymember.Quirk-Silva@assembly.ca.gov   (209) 576-6425 Kristin Olsen assemblymember.olsen@assembly.ca.gov   (951) 369-6644 Jose Medina assemblymember.medina@assembly.ca.gov   (951) 371-6860 Eric Linder assemblymember.linder@assembly.ca.gov   (415) 479-4920 Marc Levine Assemblymember.Levine@assembly.ca.gov   (661) 267-7636 Steve Fox Assemblymember.Fox@assembly.ca.gov   (408) 371-2802 Paul Fong assemblymember.fong@assembly.ca.gov   (310) 450-0041 Richard Bloom Assemblymember.Bloom@assembly.ca.gov   (760) 929-7998 Rocky Chavez assemblymember.chavez@assembly.ca.gov   (213) 744-2111 Reginald Jones-Sawyer assemblymember.jones-sawyer@assembly.ca.gov


(619) 525-4001 Tini Atkins, Speaker speaker.atkins@assembly.ca.gov

(818) 558-3043 Mike Gatto, Appropriations Chair assemblymember.gatto@assembly.ca.gov

(213) 620-4646 John Perez, Speaker Emeritus assemblymember.perez@assembly.ca.gov

(213) 483-5151 Jimmy Gomez assemblymember.gomez@assembly.ca.gov

(818) 376-4246 Adrin Nazarian assemblymember.nazarian@assembly.ca.gov

(818) 904-3840 Mat Dababneh assemblymember.dababneh@assembly.ca.gov

ADDITIONAL SENATORS (323) 277-4560 Ricardo Lara, Chair Latino Caucus senator.lara@senate.ca.gov

(213) 483-9300 Kevin DeLeon senator.deleon@senate.ca.gov (818) 901-5588 Alex Padilla senator.padilla@senate.ca.gov (818) 876-3352 Fran Pavley senator.pavley@senate.ca.gov

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