Write Governor Brown re: Designated Funding for Adult Schools

Here are some materials from teacher John Mears of Los Angeles to help students write letters to Governor Brown in support of designated funding for adult education.  John is an ESL teacher, but these materials could easily be adapted for other programs.

Write a letter to Governor Brown!

We are writing letters to Governor Brown to make sure that adult schools in California get the money they need to help our communities.

Governor Jerry Brown has done many good things for California. He has raised money to help schools, through Proposition 30, and he has been on the side of teachers and working people in many ways.

However, he has not been good to adult education programs such as ours, which are part of K-12 school districts. In January 2013, as Governor, he proposed putting all adult schools in California into the community college system. That proposal was rejected by California’s legislature, but now the plan is for all the money that comes to adult schools to come through the community colleges. We don’t like that plan, because it creates extra bureaucracy and uncertainty. We want our money coming directly to us from the California Department of Education.

Adult educators, students, adult-school graduates, and many others around California are writing letters to Governor Brown now, because he is preparing a budget that will be finished by early October. He needs to get the message from many people that we want adult education programs to have their own, dedicated funding directly from the California Department of Education. Why? Because adult schools need stability and economic security. We cannot plan for next year if we are never sure when our money is coming, or where it is coming from.

When you write your letter, as much as possible use your own words to tell your own story, and to express your own ideas about why our K-12-based adult education classes are important to you. If you feel nervous, ask your teacher for help.

We hope to send Governor Brown a mountain of powerful letters, and bring back big, healthy adult and career education programs that guarantee everyone a chance to work towards a good future, at a price they can afford.

Thank you for participating in this effort to secure the future of California’s working people!

J John Mears, teacher


Your name & address: Centered or to the right side.

Your first & last name

Your street address (& apartment number, if any)

Your city, CA Your zip code

Your phone number (optional)

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  1. Today’s date


  1. Brown’s mailing address & greeting


Governor Jerry Brown

State Capitol, Suite 1173

Sacramento, CA 95814


Dear Governor Brown:


  1. Your letter Write 2-5 paragraphs, using block paragraph (business letter) format. (See sample letters.) Try to keep it to one page, but it can go longer.   You can write by hand, with clear printed letters, if you don’t have a computer. Paragraphs #1 and #2 should either:
  2. Introduce you and your situation, and the problems you face in your life; or
  3. Explain briefly the issue you are writing about.

Then switch. So, for example, you can start by introducing yourself and your situation in paragraphs #1 and #2, then in paragraphs #3 and #4, ask Gov. Brown to write a budget that restores adult education, and guarantees stable, dedicated funding for adult education programs (such as WVOC) that are based in K-12 school districts;


In paragraph #1, you can ask Gov. Brown for stable, dedicated funding, etc., and then in paragraphs #3 and #4, introduce yourself and your situation. Here are more things you might include:

  1. Examples of people you know who have benefited from our programs
  2. Why you think our program at WVOC is better for you than Pierce College
  3. What happened to people you know (including yourself) because of cuts to WVOC’s programs, for example they can’t get the classes they need, long waiting lists, long lines, etc. Here you can mention that K-12 adult education programs in Los Angeles have been cut 75% since 2009.
  4. What will happen to you and your family if our programs are cut even more, or closed entirely.

Finally, close with a conclusion, again asking Gov. Brown to fund K-12 adult education directly, and not through the community colleges.




(your signature here)

Your name, typed or clearly printed

















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