Support California Proposition 55 to Support ALL Schools (Including Adult School)

Proposition 55 extends the Proposition 30 taxes that pulled California’s schools out of a financial crisis.  A report by the California Budget  and Policy Center on how Proposition 30 affected California’s schools is out, and the news is good.  Proposition 30 allowed the state to raise per pupil spending and  reduce student/teacher ratios, and the 1% is paying most of the taxes that fund these improvements.  In case you feel bad for the 1%, they are one of only two groups that experienced an increase in their average income over the past generation.  The other group that experienced an increase? The top 5%! Everyone else experienced a decrease.  It’s all in the report, and you can read it here:

We need to pass Proposition 55 because it is the right thing to do for California’s children.  We can’t go back to the days of wild swings and drastic drops in school funding. The state still doesn’t spend enough on education, and this should be declared a national emergency when you consider how many children live in this most populous of all the 50 states.  But Proposition 30 was a step in the right direction, and Proposition 55 would be another step.

As the report states, Proposition 30 helped the state reinvest in preschools, K-12 schools, and community colleges.  One branch of education that did not receive any direct benefit from Proposition 30 was adult school, and adult schools will not receive any direct benefit from Proposition 55.  Still, passing Proposition 55 is the best thing we could do for adult schools right now.  Adult schools were almost wiped out by the  drastic Great Recession  budget cuts that Proposition 30 was designed to correct.  While adult schools have not been restored to the (quite modest) level of funding they had before the Great Recession, they do now have their own funding source in the Adult Education Block Grant, and they are slowly beginning to crawl out of the abyss that opened up under them in 2008.

A drop in tax revenues for schools could stop the recovery of adult schools in its tracks.  The much weakened adult schools could be finished off for good if the state faces another crisis in education funding.  For children and adult learners alike, we need to pass Proposition 55.

And then we need to ask the state to put more money for adult schools in next year’s budget.






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