Letter from Concilio Latino to Governor Brown Requesting More Funding for Adult Schools

December 8, 2016

To: Governor Jerry Brown

Cc: Senator Nancy Skinner and Assembly Member Tony Thurmond

From: West County Concilio Latino Network

Concilio Latino is a network for persons and organizations working with the Latino population in West Contra Costa.  Concilio Latino members meet monthly to identify needs, share resource information, and address gaps in services to the Latino community, specifically the needs of the monolingual Spanish-speaking population.

We are requesting that the funding for Adult Education consortia be increased in the 2017-2018 state budget. We particularly request that the portion of the consortium budget that funds Adult schools be increased.

Adult schools in California have not had a funding increase since the year 2008 and in fact their budgets have been slashed between 2008 and 2013.

West Contra Costa County has a large and growing immigrant population and we have seen our adult school services severely reduced rather than expanded. Adult Schools serve a population that is very different from the regular college student and is better able to succeed in the Adult School system. Adult schools have been very important in promoting English proficiency, job training, and citizenship classes in the immigrant community, especially in the Latino immigrant community and therefore we urge you to increase the funding for these important services.  As a result of cuts to adult education, there are not enough English language classes in our community and people are placed on long waiting lists to get into a classes.

California is now preparing to withstand difficult times with a new Trump-presidency and we believe that the most powerful protection for our community is access to education. Adult education classes have been really important in our community as they represent a safe space to access education and information to protect immigrants and their families. If the services continue to be eliminated adults in our community, our families will continue to suffer.



Concilio Latino Co-chairs

Consuelo Lara

Jessica Peregrina


2 Responses

  1. Can you be more specific as to why it will be “difficult times” under a Trump preisency

    • While many people are anxious about a Trump presidency for a variety of reasons, I’m pretty sure this letter refers specifically to President-Elect Trump’s statements about immigrants and to immigration policies he has said he will implement when he gets into office. As you are probably aware, the state government of California is preparing to resist some of Trump’s policies, particularly his policies around climate change and his stated intention to deport large numbers of immigrants. While this may not have been President-Elect Trump’s intention, his negative statements about immigrants are already causing problems even for immigrants who are here with papers. Many of the adult students at the school where I teach have reported that they themselves are being harassed and that their children are being bullied at school. I believe these are the difficulties to which the letter refers.

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