Advocating for Adult Schools: Ideas from California Council for Adult Education

California Council for Adult Education has issued a call to action for adult school advocates.  Their most recent Legislative Update speaks of “rising tensions” in Sacramento because adult schools are having trouble documenting their successes and some of the consortia have not spent all their money.  Legislators don’t seem to be taking into account that the eight year freeze on adult school funding is hurting adult schools, making it difficult for them to devote resources to collecting the data the legislature demands while continuing to serve their students. The legislature also needs to be held accountable for failing to fix the wildly unequal situation adult schools found themselves in at the end of the recession.  Comparing consortia with vastly different resources to each other is unfair and irresponsible.  Why isn’t the situation of Sweetwater Adult School, which will serve 1,000  fewer students this year due to budget restraints, considered an important piece of data?  It’s the most important datum of all.  Legislators need to look up from their spread sheets and take a good, hard look at what they have done to adult schools. It’s right in front of their faces. They need to hear from adult school students, teachers and advocates.  A link to the CCAE update, with suggestions for action, is here:



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